BB+ Trust Bundle Deprecation

NATE has deprecated the Blue Button Plus (BB+) Patient and Provider Trust Bundles.

NATE took over administration of the BB+ bundles in August 2014 on behalf of the pilot community.  Since taking over this task for the community, NATE followed a multi-month process to notify participants of NATE’s intention to migrate the legacy BB+ bundles to the new NATE Bundles Administrator.  During the migration process, very few of the legacy pilot participants elected to migrate to the new administration tool, citing their move to other bundles that had ascended since initiation of the BB+ pilot in 2013, including NATE’s Blue Button for Consumers (NBB4C) Trust Bundle.  Consequently, the NATE Board of Directors made the decision to close the BB+ bundles to new applicants.  As of November 2015, there were no trust anchors found in the BB+ Provider Bundle and only one trust anchor in the BB+ Patient Bundle, held by an organization in the process of onboarding to the NBB4C.  Given this lack of participation, NATE has ceased operation of both of the BB+ pilot bundles.

Any organizations subscribed to the BB+ Bundles should consider subscribing to the NBB4C bundle.