CMS Blue Button on FHIR Pilot Project

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NATE Partnering with BlueButton API Team at CMS to Establish Blue Button on FHIR Pilot

NATE and the Blue Button on FHIR team at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are working together to collaboratively establish a trust mechanism for consumer-facing applications (CFAs) that wish to access CMS beneficiary data via APIs. As part of the Blue Button on FHIR pilot, NATE is extending its administrative tools and governance processes to help demonstrate how CMS (and potentially other data holders with APIs designed to disclose PHI to an application chosen by a consumer) can leverage the private sector’s existing trust communities without building isolated and duplicative government-administered communities.

To find out more about the Blue Button on FHIR pilot and the latest from CMS, check out the following links:

NATE is recruiting partners for this project. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up here: