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Captain Blue Button – NATE CEO Aaron Seib’s HIMSS15 Alter Ego!


Interoperability Showcase: Demonstrating Patient-Centric Exchange

Patient Vignette 1: Michael, age 43
Watch as NATE’s Blue Button for Consumers (NBB4C) Trust Bundle facilitates patient-mediated exchange between the Cerner EMR and multiple consumer-facing applications across the Exhibit Hall (media release), including:

  • Epic’s MyChart
  • Humetrix iBlueButton
  • Carebox
  • Get Real Health InstantPHR
  • NoMoreClipboard
  • Medyear
  • Department of Veterans Affairs

Health Information Exchange Symposium

Sunday, April 12 — 8:15 AM – 4:15 PM CT — Room S105
NATE is a proud endorser of this pre-conference symposium.

Education Session: “Crowdsourcing Consumer Access to Healthcare” – NATE CEO Aaron Seib with Santa Cruz HIE’s Bill Beighe

Wednesday, April 15 — 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM CT — Room S105
This session will discuss a unique crowdsourcing approach to rapidly develop policies for PHR vendor inclusion in a multi-state trust community, followed by pilots designed to use Direct for provider to patient data exchange.

YourTurn Discussion: “Patient Mediated HIE” – NATE VP Meryt McGindley

Tuesday, April 14 — 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM CT — Room S403A
Patients with chronic conditions often see multiple providers at multiple sites. If each provider has its own patient portal, gathering a longitudinal patient record requires coordination by the patient. Join NATE for a discussion on how we can make this easier for patients to manage.

See NATE Members and NBB4C Participants at HIMSS15:

Alaska eHealth Network and North Dakota Health Information Network:

Education Session – “Connecting Rural Communities in Alaska and North Dakota” – Tuesday, April 15, 2015 – 10:00 – 11:00 AM – Room S404

  • People living in rural areas are at higher risk for chronic disease and poor health outcomes. Alaska and North Dakota are pioneering the use of health IT tools to overcome barriers to rural population health management by electronically delivering patients’ complete health information to rural providers using Direct Secure Messaging and query-based exchange.


Education Session – “Using HIE to Improve Care for Military Personnel” – Tuesday, April 14 – 2:30 – 3:30 PM – Room S100A

  • Join Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Dominicci, CIO and Director of Health IT at the Colorado Springs Military Health System, and Morgan Honea, CEO at CORHIO, as they demonstrate how the Colorado Springs Military Health System within the Department of Defense was able to overcome both policy and technology barriers to improve care coordination for more than 172,000 beneficiaries by partnering with a regional health information exchange (HIE) organization.

California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE) with RAIN Live Oak, San Diego Health Connect, OCPRHIO, Santa Cruz HIE and California Direct:

Interoperability Showcase Demonstration – Federated HPD: Discovering Providers and Information Services Statewide

  • It is no longer possible to collect and maintain information on all potential data sharing partners or electronic services locally. This demonstration moves use of the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) profile beyond a directory of Direct addresses, scaling to federated directory services allowing dynamic discovery of individuals, organizations, and the means by which to exchange with them to support statewide or nationwide HIE. The technology is paired with agreements, policies, and procedures that govern sharing of federated directory information. This initial step moves California toward a fully dynamic directory service supported by emerging standards such as HPD and Care Services Discovery.

Get Real Health: Demos and video interviews at the Get Real Health booth (#8736) next to the Connected Patient Gallery in the North Hall.

Humetrix: In addition to Humetrix’s participation in the Interoperability Showcase with NATE, visit the Humetrix booth (#8467) in the North Hall to see the new Tensio™ blood pressure coaching app, and SOS QR, an emergency care app that was showcased last July at the White House Disaster Preparedness Demo Day.

NoMoreClipboard: Stop by NoMoreClipboard’s booth (#2879) next to the Interoperability Showcase to check out their “selfie wall.” Snap and post yourself in front of a thought-provoking statement on patient engagement, adding your voice (and your picture) to the growing list of individuals and organizations promoting the electronic patient movement.

PatientLink: Join PatientLink at the Allscripts booth (#3521) on Monday, April 14 for a demo of MyPatientLink.