Get My Health Data

Keep calm and get your medical recordslogo_GetMyHealthData2The new Get My Health Data Campaign has three goals: give consumers the information and tools they need to ask for and use their digital health data; identify and promote innovative apps and tools that help consumers securely compile, store and use their health data; and promote a culture in which consumer access to data is the rule, rather than the exception.

Consumer demand for their digital health data will position patients as equal partners in care and create fundamental change in the healthcare system. Check out more information and see how you can help at

The Get My Health Data Campaign is a collaborative effort among leading consumer organizations, healthcare experts, former policy makers and technology organizations working to enhance consumer access to digital health information. NATE is proud to be a Collaborator with the Get My Health Data Campaign.


Some states have additional requirements related to individual access to medical records.  Check out this interactive map from the Health Information & the Law Project to see requirements in your state:

state medical record access image