How to Use the NATE Bundles Administrator (NBA)

Go to the NATE Bundles Administrator (NBA) at  Note that there are multiple NATE Trust Bundles that you can apply to join.  The following is illustrative of the overall process.  Depending on the bundle you are joining, the required steps may vary.

NBA HowTo 1a

If this is your first time using the NBA, register for a new account. You should create a new account for each organization that is to be represented in a trust bundle.

NBA HowTo 2a

Fill out the information in the form.

NBA HowTo 3

If you are returning to the NBA and already have an account, just login.

NBA HowTo 4a

NBA HowTo 5a

Once signed in, go to the Documents tab and select Upload New Document(s).

NBA HowTo 6

Select “Test Purpose” or “Production Purpose” as appropriate (Note: BlueButton+ bundles have no test trust bundle). Select the appropriate bundle and upload all supporting documents.

NBA HowTo 7

Once all documents have been uploaded, go to the Trust Anchors tab, and select Upload Trust Anchor(s).

NBA HowTo 8

Select “Test Purpose” or “Production Purpose” as appropriate and the appropriate trust bundle, then upload the trust anchor in DER or CER format. The name of the file will be preserved in the resulting trust bundle, so choose a descriptive name for the anchor file before uploading it.

NBA HowTo 9

You are done.

If there are any questions, you will receive an email at the address that you used to create the account. If you need assistance, please email the NATE Trust Bundle Coordinator at