Membership in NATE is open to all public and private entities, whether nonprofit or for profit, wishing to promote the purposes of NATE. Members are classified into one of the following types:

  • Government
  • Non-Government Organizations (e.g. Vendors, Health Information Organizations)
  • Associations
  • Individuals

All members are subject to membership fees (see the application below for the current fee structure). Approval of membership may be dependent on receipt of membership dues. Separate applications and onboarding procedures are required for participation in some NATE programs, including trust bundles.



Please complete the following form to submit your NATE membership application:

Section I: Individual/Organization Information

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Section II: Statement of Interest

Please provide a concise statement of why you or your organization are interested in participating in NATE:*


Section III: Services Offered

Describe the services that you provide/will provide to your customers, if applicable:


(State Governments Only) Section IV: Statement of Authority
A Statement of Authority is a letter from the State’s HIT Coordinator indicating the applicant is the designated state representative for NATE activities. The purpose of the Statement of Authority is to ensure that the NATE Board of Directors is working with the entity or entities that are most familiar with the local policy requirements of the given state and its HIE market needs.

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Section V: Contact Information

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Information in this application will be used by NATE solely for the purpose of determining whether the applicant meets the eligibility requirements for membership.  NATE reserves the right to request additional information needed to verify eligibility.


Membership dues can be paid online or NATE will send an invoice upon receipt of a new application.

Association Membership Fees

Non-Government Membership Fees

Government Membership Fees

Individual Membership Fees

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