NATE Blue Button for Consumers (NBB4C) Trust Bundle

The flagship NATE Blue Button for Consumers (NBB4C) Trust Bundle contains trust anchors of consumer-facing applications (CFAs) that utilize Direct to securely move data from one application to another. The NBB4C Trust Bundle helps relying parties to identify CFAs that meet or exceed criteria considered to be the most important characteristics of a trustworthy steward of consumer health information, while still enabling patients to benefit from the value of having access to their health information.

Participation in the NBB4C Trust Bundle facilitates secure exchange of health information from provider-controlled applications to consumer-controlled applications such as personal health records (PHRs) using Direct secure messaging protocols. Provider organizations that wish to send messages to consumers using one of these recognized applications should load this bundle into their trust stores. In most cases, CFAs that are onboarded to the NBB4C have loaded publicly recognized trust bundles of provider facing applications and Direct Secure messaging should be enabled.

CFAs are welcome to submit an onboarding application and supplementary documentation online by using the NATE Bundles Administrator.  Go to to upload the completed form and supporting documentation.  New applicants will be required to create a profile to upload their documents and certificates, and must complete requisite testing by first adding their test trust anchor to the NBB4C staging bundle.  See How to Use the NBA for more instruction on how to apply and onboard.  Currently, NATE invoices qualified CFAs an administrative fee of $4,000 before being added to the production NBB4C trust bundle.

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