New National Forum for Provider Trust Community

 October 2015
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New National Forum for Provider Trust Community

NATE and the California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE) recently announced that CAHIE is assuming administration of the NATE Provider-to-Provider Trust Bundle for Direct messaging among providers. We are now looking for participants to serve on a new national forum to help establish a voluntary governance process to manage and govern the new national trust community. 

This new forum will inform two critical aspects of CAHIE’s future work:

1. Establishing the consensus policies and processes that must be adopted to become a member of the new trust community, and

2. Defining the process by which the new trust community and its trust bundle will be governed.

The new trust community and trust bundle will draw from existing CAHIE and NATE policies and procedures as a foundation, and include the latest thinking on how to best promote secure exchange among providers using Direct messaging. The forum is open to all interested stakeholders, with priority granted to current participants in NATE’s Provider-to-Provider Trust Bundle.

If you are interested in participating in this new national initiative, please sign up on the CAHIE website at

NATE’s NBB4C Trust Bundle makes it easier for providers to share health information with their patients so that their patients can do what they want with it.
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