NATE Enables Patient Mediated Exchange

PHR Ignite Project – Phase 2

NATE is building a community to expand upon the results of the successful ONC-sponsored PHR Ignite Project by recruiting and coordinating a wide variety of new contributors and participants, including PHR vendors, EHR vendors, HISPs, patients and providers.  NATE members encourage all stakeholders with an interest in the next phase of NATE’s activities – including work to finalize policy recommendations for NATE’s board regarding a trust framework specific to patient controlled exchange – to indicate your interest here.

PHR Ignite Project – Phase 1

At HIMSS14, NATE demonstrated the success of the first phase of the PHR Ignite Project by showcasing real-world scenarios in which patients use Personal Health Records (PHRs) and Direct messaging to communicate with providers in a scalable and trustworthy way, empowering them to be in control of their health information. NATE partnered with local HIEs and provider systems to demonstrate how patients and rural providers can utilize Direct messaging to relay protected health information via a patient controlled PHR, how patients can collect information through wearable devices and communicate it to their physicians, thereby helping manage their chronic conditions, and how trust bundles can be used to establish bidirectional trusted exchange between providers and patient PHRs, improving the flow of data to where the patient needs it to be.

PRESS RELEASE: Patient Mediated Exchange Gets Real at HIMSS14

VIDEO: PHR Ignite Phase 1 Success Demonstrated at HIMSS14

NATE with DeSalvo 1
Dr. Jim Killeen of UCSDMC and NATE CEO Aaron Seib provide a demonstration for National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo, HHS CTO Bryan Sivak and ONC’s tech guru Doug Fridsma.

NATE Demonstration Partners:

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