trustharbor-logo-mediumNATE is actively collaborating with numerous organizations to establish a new trust mechanism known as the TrustHarbor, which is designed to be the flexible enabling infrastructure that fosters broad adoption of API-based technologies across all types of use cases.  The TrustHarbor will be a registry of consumer controlled apps (CCAs) that access consumer facing APIs such as those required by the 2015 certified EHR requirements.  This will reduce the burden of registering apps to the APIs offered by providers to share health information with their patients.

TrustHarbor graphic 2

The TrustHarbor will also support a secondary market that allows confirmed endorsers of consumer apps to apply their endorsements to CCAs in a verifiable way.  NATE has a great deal of experience working in the domain of trust mechanisms and is incorporating those lessons learned into the realization of the TrustHarbor.

Experience has proven that when it comes to trust, no single set of criteria are sufficient to answer all the questions that every consumer or data provider might have.  A minimum set of evaluation criteria is beneficial to many users and data providers, but is unlikely to suffice for everyone.  The demands of the consumer market cannot be encapsulated in a single set of criteria that any one organization can be relied upon to evaluate, and under applicable laws and regulations, many data providers are unwilling to trust such a set of criteria without additional local validation in the context of their enterprise.  In other words, what is important to one consumer or data provider may be insufficient, irrelevant or immaterial to the interests of another.  Therefore, the design for the TrustHarbor also establishes a secondary market of endorsements.  This secondary market would allow many types of endorsers to make their endorsements public in a way that minimizes the level of effort required by the provider organization and the consumer app to enable app registration to the EHR’s APIs at the local level.