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Feline coronavirus

Oneq-V177-OneqV177150R Bioingentech Oneq-V177-150R

Feline coronavirus

Oneq-V177-OneqV17750R Bioingentech Oneq-V177-50R

Feline calicivirus

PCR-V174-PCRV17448R Bioingentech PCR-V174-48R

Feline calicivirus

PCR-V174-PCRV17496R Bioingentech PCR-V174-96R

Feline coronavirus

PCR-V177-PCRV17748R Bioingentech PCR-V177-48R

Feline coronavirus

PCR-V177-PCRV17796R Bioingentech PCR-V177-96R

Feline Chondrocytes

ABC-TC3416 AcceGen 1 vial

Feline Cat IgG

31-1005 Fitzgerald 5 mg

Feline Preadipocytes

ABC-TC3418 AcceGen 1 vial


GWB-374Z08 GenWay Biotech 96 well

Feline IgG ELISA

GWB-374Z10 GenWay Biotech 96 well

Amylin (IAPP) Feline

GWB-30497C GenWay Biotech 0.5 mg

Amylin (IAPP) (Feline)

5-00655 CHI Scientific 0.4 x 5mg

Amylin (IAPP), feline

TP1519-10mg TargetMol Chemicals 10mg

Amylin (IAPP), feline

TP1519-1g TargetMol Chemicals 1g

Amylin (IAPP), feline

TP1519-1mg TargetMol Chemicals 1mg

Amylin (IAPP), feline

TP1519-50mg TargetMol Chemicals 50mg

Amylin (IAPP), feline

TP1519-5mg TargetMol Chemicals 5mg

Feline FeLV antibody

10-2328 Fitzgerald 100 ug

Feline FeLV antibody

10-2329 Fitzgerald 100 ug

Rat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A11128 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Goat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A46041 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Mouse Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A19869 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Human Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A2368 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Sheep Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A98335 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Monkey Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A72187 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Canine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A63475 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Rabbit Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

E01A28609 BlueGene 96T 700 EUR

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00372G Leading Biology 0.05ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal SHH Polyclonal Antibody

APR00434G Leading Biology 0.1mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00435G Leading Biology 0.1ml 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal p53 polyclonal antibody

APR00443G Leading Biology 0.05mg 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal G9a polyclonal antibody

APR00448G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal PML polyclonal antibody

AMR09397G Leading Biology 0.05mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal YY1 polyclonal antibody

APR14018G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Our used monoclonals in Pubmed.

CD11b Antibody Antibody

MBS8513599-01mLAF750 MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF750) 465 EUR

Anti- GPR162 Antibody Antibody

GWB-39B7E0 GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

Anti- GPR162 Antibody Antibody

GWB-AAD3BE GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

Anti- GPR162 Antibody Antibody

GWB-C5010A GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

Anti-CD31 Antibody Antibody

MBS8304163-003mL MyBiosource 0.03mL 185 EUR

Anti-CD31 Antibody Antibody

MBS8304163-01mL MyBiosource 0.1mL 255 EUR

Anti-CD31 Antibody Antibody

MBS8304163-02mL MyBiosource 0.2mL 335 EUR

Anti-CD31 Antibody Antibody

MBS8304163-5x02mL MyBiosource 5x0.2mL 1420 EUR

Antibody to IGFBP2 Antibody

MBS850197-01mg MyBiosource 0.1mg 305 EUR

Antibody to IGFBP2 Antibody

MBS850197-01mLAF405L MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405L) 565 EUR

Antibody to IGFBP2 Antibody

MBS850197-01mLAF405S MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF405S) 565 EUR

Antibody to IGFBP2 Antibody

MBS850197-01mLAF610 MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF610) 565 EUR

Antibody to IGFBP2 Antibody

MBS850197-01mLAF635 MyBiosource 0.1mL(AF635) 565 EUR

MAD1L1 antibody [9B10] Antibody

GWB-5C6547 GenWay Biotech 0.05 ml Ask for price

Thyroxine (T4) Antibody Antibody

GWB-DF4FFA GenWay Biotech 1 mg Ask for price

ARHGDIA Antibody / RHOGDI Antibody

F54788-0.08ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.08 ml 140.25 EUR

ARHGDIA Antibody / RHOGDI Antibody

F54788-0.4ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.4 ml 322.15 EUR

MDR3 P-glycoprotein Antibody Mouse Monoclonal Antibody, Antibody

GWB-120022 GenWay Biotech 0.1 mg Ask for price

NCC Antibody, Anti-NCC Antibody

MBS805073-01mg MyBiosource 0.1mg 525 EUR

NCC Antibody, Anti-NCC Antibody

MBS805073-5x01mg MyBiosource 5x0.1mg 1830 EUR

Tau (Ab-262) Antibody Antibody

E11-7239B EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR

Antibody Pair to APOA5 Antibody

E10-20042 EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR

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